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How Affiliate Membership Helps Your Business


WWVAR regularly holds continuing education courses and seminars about all aspects of real estate – and the more you know about that, the more you can help our customers and clients. And that means more business for you!

Business Contacts

Membership opens a whole new world of business contacts through involvement in committees, classes, seminars, orientation, community activities, and more!


A wide variety of classes and programs, including new member orientation, membership meetings, continuing education, networking, community service, awards banquets, and more are offered to our members throughout the year. Affiliates have the opportunity to reach and build relationships with WWVAR members by sponsoring these events.


WWVAR is active on social media channels to keep our members informed and updated on activities, real estate issues, Realtor® and Affiliate Members, and other important topics.


You are eligible for the Affiliate of the Year award – a prestigious honor in recognition of your volunteer efforts. Award winners are recognized at our annual awards banquet and in local news.


If your company does business in any real estate related field, then any government actions affecting real estate also impact you. Realtors® help bring about many beneficial changes by making their voices heard in Olympia, and that helps your business, too!


The most important part of WWVAR is its members! Only you can make WWVAR membership work for you by becoming involved.

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