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It's more than a badge of honor.

We learn, grow, collaborate and invest in excellence together.

We Make It Happen

Signature programs and events that bring information, education, resources, and community support.

Snapshots from Time Together

What Members Are Saying

“The Association is all about camaraderie, not just with members but relationships with everyone involved in the community.”
“As a part of our Realtors® Political Action Committee (RPAC), we help legislation get passed to keep real estate rights for individuals, and keep and protect us against higher fees and taxation.”
“In our Annual Business Meeting, keynote speakers give good insight to our community.”
“I just attended the Lunch & Learn with City and County planners. It was very helpful for me to be updated! I enjoy all classes.”
“The Association offers an exciting variety of classes.”
What we do together is extremely impactful for people's lives. We're one ethics complaint away from losing our license, and we take it very seriously! Happy customers have great plumbing, sewage, roofs, electrical, home inspections, and everything in between. Buying or selling real estate are some of the biggest decisions you make in your life. Having proper guidance, expertise to make those decisions and knowing all experts involved are held to the same standards."
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