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Rooted Local Experts

Supporting communities throughout the
Walla Walla Valley


Vibrant Valley

Nestled between the rolling landscapes of the Blue Mountains and the sparkling Snake River, the Walla Walla Valley stretches over a variety of neighborhoods, communities and two state lines. This scenic setting within the Pacific Northwest offers the best of small-town living alongside thriving industries, educational opportunities, arts and culture.

Our Association serves this vibrant area with varied opportunities for property owners, prospective buyers, and professional brokers.


Thriving Together

Your professional Association of Realtors® supports individuals, families and communities within the Walla Walla Valley with the best information and experience possible in real estate and property management.







Upcoming Events



Regular Lunch & Learn events—including those qualifying for Continuing Education Units—are relevant industry learning opportunities we offer. 



Our Realtors® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is active in government legislative proceedings and advocacy initiatives.



We value relationships just as much as relevant information and tools. Members and affiliates network, learn, and have fun together. We connect with city and government officials, builders, education administrators and others to stay on top of all the happenings in the region. We are committed to adding value and support to our clients and community.

We're Connected

National, state and local affiliations and connections to ensure the highest quality of information and resources are at our fingertips

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with regional sister associations near and far like OREGON REALTORS®


Members as Local Experts

As Realtors®, we add value to individuals and families' beyond buying and selling.


We get it. Lots of questions come up—often unexpectedlywhen buying or selling real estate. Your local Realtor® can get you the answer or get you the person who knows the answer.


Your Realtor® is a resource to get you what you need in anything real estate related so don’t hesitate to ask. 
You name it. 

 We're in the know when it comes to
the Walla Walla


Here for the Whole Community

We invest in our diverse community's thriving longterm, including safety and access to opportunity for all individuals and families.


Our Care & Share Food Drive and Golf Tournament, Realtor® Political Action Committee, and more contribute to the Valley as we all grow and develop together.

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